7ART September 2013 Opening 6 september 16:00 – 18:00 hr

You are most welcome


Dreaming of Paradise

the divine depiction of a female tailor

Durga on the altar at home, the last saree Mohwatie designed and made

Mohwatie Ramautarsing (1949-2002) was well-known for her tailor skills in and outside Rotterdam. After her death her daughter rediscovered the valuable treasure of Mohwatie where craftmanship and devotion come together.

During her last years she designed and made 254 miniature saree’s and 100 colorful veils, the Indian garment, to dress the goddesses figurines on her altar at home. This is a ritual which is familiar in Indian Hindu temples. Hinduism and spirituality always have been a part of her search for answers to universal life-questions.

Mohwatie Ramautarsing created in all her freedom her depiction of Divinity.

From the 6th until the 27 of September a part of this collection will be exhibited at:

7ART Ambachtsplein 25 Zevenkamp http://www.7art.nl info@7art.nl

Open: continuous opening, organiser will be hosting every monday and friday from 13:00-17:00 hr and by appointment.

Organised by: settiaramautarsing.com set@settiaramautarsing.com

Thanks to:



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