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I just finished Fertility! I started last night until 02:00 AM, had some sleep and started again at 08:00 AM. The first layer I applied with a roller at my Vedic Art course in June. The next layers are entirely painted by feet and hands. At night I just threw/dropped the primary colors on the canvas and just started walking around and around. Whilst walking in circles I suddenly started run, tramp, hop and toddle around. Slowly I could see the womb, and a figure.

In the morning I continued by tapping some paint by hand on the womb followed by carefully dropping the paint around the figure, and stamping around with my feet. At last I saw a female, with red hair, With much care I pounded the red paint around her shoulder, neck and head.

“Fertility” Acrylic on un-stretched canvas, 210*100cm.

More professional photographs are being posted  after the summer, for I am looking for a photographer.
For now: Have lovely Sunday!


My latest project

In my post https://settiaramautarsing.com/2014/05/18/lets-begin/  I let you know that I started to experiment some of my new ideas. I was inspired by ‘Stephen Hawking’s The story of the Universe’ and this very informative fun to watch animation of Kurzgesagt, Are you alone: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PKMQzkIiB0Y

Movement, gravity and colors are the pillars of my project and very little  intervention of the artist (me) as possible during the painting proces.  Just allowing  it happen. Whilst turning the canvas around with one hand I dropped the paint with the other hand. So far 5 acrylic paintings/worlds developed in this way. From these painting I made these 3D objects which let the spectator experience, feel connected and getting aware of Life.

You can see here an impression of the process of some of the paintings.

How it at all began

Getting into the flow