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Photograph made with Sony digital camera 28mm wide-angle lens. Effect used is the ‘cycaanwit’ filter in and ajusted the greyscales¬†and light myself. Februari 2015. Old phone on my bedroom floor annex studio.

Orginal, without the effects.

DISCONNECTED_without effects

‘You are the Universe’

This serie of 5 abstract paintings and art objects, are the result of my interest for the laws of nature and their deeper spiritual meaning.

Movement, gravity and the three primary colors are the base.

There are also hidden mindfulness messages to be found by looking inside the paintings Look and Mess. These are inspired by buddhist texts and the common ‘follow your heart’.

Look. Acrylic and mirror paper on 3 D canvas 30*30cm, 2014.

Looking for peace? Look inside your heart.


Mess. Acrylic and mirror paper on 3D canvas 30*30cm, 2014.

Whatever mess you will find yourself in, take a look inside and you will find your Innerlight.


Let’s Begin! Acrylic on 3D canvas 30*30 cm, 2014.

Let's Begin


Life is Beautiful. Acrylic on 3D canvas 50*50cm, 2014.



You are the Universe. 2014.


Destination Unknown

fragile Life

This art object represents Life and all its contradictions; emptiness – fullness, darkness-brightness movement – stillness. Birth(the lower white thread beneath the painting. Human Life in this world (the painting). Death (the upper white thread) and Life itself (the Frame). The object is meant to hang freely to emphasise the constant movement.

The details of this work can be found in the ‘detail gallery’ below. As you can see are more loose white threads, all representing the most important social factors in our life. Another detail which is easy to spot, is the state of the painting itself. While the paper was still wet with paint, I fold and ‘mold’ it, to give it that decayed look. The paper with a structure like linen was just perfect for it.

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