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Between fear and hope

Last summer I made this very personal painting,  which was born during the Vedic Art course and which I finished in August.

The painting consists pieces of an old painting on paper, roughly 100 by 100 cm, which depicted my dream  of at that moment in 2012 when I joined the first Vedic Art class. I longed for space and love. Loveing and accepting myself that is.

I took this painting, I teared it up in pieces and integrated it, together with sand, stones and dried flowers onto the canvas, this year even bigger than my work back then, 200 by 100cm. I used acrylic and different techniques. In the middle you can see my feet and hands, with my hands looking almost  like a the wings of a butterfly. What is it that they say? Happiness is in your own hands.

Looking at it, I can see my fears on one side and hope on the other, with me balancing in the middle. Sometimes crawling and sometimes flying toward my dream, my real Self.

Me, my fears and hope.

Creating space

Corfu was great, fantastic sunny weather, great hotel and good food. I went on a trip to a local vineyard, bought excellent wine and visited a ecological bee-farm, learned a thing or two about bees and the proces of honeymaking.

Now I am back for just over a month and I almost bought a pavilion in a nearby community Garden.

The reason? Well, for the last four years I am using my bedroom as my studio. The small space did not stop me from painting and creating. It was a whole routine: dusting before painting, putting plastic on the floor for spraying the varnish after painting and cleaning up afterwards for multiple times and after all that finding the right spot and light for taking pictures.

But, after four years, the space feels crammed. It has become a storage place for my finished work, the new canvasses and materials. Not to forget there is also my bed, wardrobe and my other personsal belongings.

After thinking through several solutions, from creating space by buying a lot of furniture in the bedroom to buy a gazebo, none was or felt as the ideal working space.

So I decided to sign myself up for a temporary studio via SKAR. This is a initiative which offers permanent and temporary housing  for professional artists in affordable and suitebale workspaces.

After signing up and sending in my portfolio, last week I recived the good news from them that I have been placed on the waiting list. Hooray!

Now I only have to be patience. Life has proved to me that everything happens at the right time.

In the spirit of making space, creating order in the chaos and simpely to close a chapter so I can begin a new one, I sorted out my paintings.

The canvasses took up so much space I decided to get rid of some of them, ten in total. first I stripped them from the frame and then after a good look  I threw them in the bin.

I do not regret it. They where just representing different moments in the last four years in which I learned so much; about painting, the technical and the creating part, about the hard work and how as a artist you can stand in your own way of expressing yourself.

These moments, I did expres myself and that made be aware that, without painting or creating my thoughts I feel misrable, limited and disconnected from the world and myself.

So, with that in mind I made “collage”, took a snapshot and said farewell.

Time for new moments.

Late summerstop

As one might have noticed, it has been a bit quiet after my latest painting Fertility.

This is my last painting for now. It was a hectic period: a intense Customer Care job, painting, exhibiting and working on my website/social media. So I decided to paint after my holiday which will start on 12th September until the 23rd.

Then all will start again: work, painting and keeping you all posted, sharing my work.

I decided not to exhibit until perhaps next year, or the year after next year. I found out that the cost and energy put in an exhibition/Art fair does not satisfy me as much as the painting process itself.

The feeling when finally a piece is finished, that connection I feel with Life itself, is irreplaceable.

To share that feeling and the emotion with someone, who perhaps can relate with that moment is just magnificent.

Lately, I learned the truth that although some people do like my work, there are none who would like to invest in my work. So I went into a bit soul-searching and found out that I am happy with that.

If my work can touch some ones heart, mind or even soul, that is a bliss.

That is where I want to put my energy, time and money in: in painting, in trying to get that emotion out there on the canvas. And let’s be honest, that can be a hard, painful journey full with ups and downs and doubts. To be a humanbeing can be hard enough.

So just 4 days and then I am off to Corfu. In the midst of mountains and the sea I will relax and enjoy myself, thankful for the journey so far.

Thank you all for reading and liking my posts!

Love Set

My B-day in August at  home, gorgeous bouquet from my sisters.




I just finished Fertility! I started last night until 02:00 AM, had some sleep and started again at 08:00 AM. The first layer I applied with a roller at my Vedic Art course in June. The next layers are entirely painted by feet and hands. At night I just threw/dropped the primary colors on the canvas and just started walking around and around. Whilst walking in circles I suddenly started run, tramp, hop and toddle around. Slowly I could see the womb, and a figure.

In the morning I continued by tapping some paint by hand on the womb followed by carefully dropping the paint around the figure, and stamping around with my feet. At last I saw a female, with red hair, With much care I pounded the red paint around her shoulder, neck and head.

“Fertility” Acrylic on un-stretched canvas, 210*100cm.

More professional photographs are being posted  after the summer, for I am looking for a photographer.
For now: Have lovely Sunday!