During the last couple of years I had several creative outbursts, leading to a conceptual art project or in one unique case creating a small exhibition  with an even smaller budget to honor my mom and her creative skills with thread and needle, ‘Dreaming of Paradise’. My last project was in 2016 called ‘Reflection’, containing mindful messages on the mirrors in the restrooms at my job.


The World Map of my food originThis is a map of the world made from a couple of months waste from the food I eat, drank and used. 

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Blindfold of the modern society. A cut up bra as a representation of how sex sells in everyday products. 

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Lost and found.

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Exp. Date.

Exhibition in honor of my mom ‘Dreaming of Paradise’.

Durga on the altar at home, the last saree Mohwatie designed and made


Destination unknown. Life is constantly moving even when you stand still.

This art object represents: Birth (white thread below painting), Life (painting), Death  (upper white thread) and The World itself (frame), the painting and frame are moving independently to emphasize fragile life and all its contradictions. The other details are, are more loose white threads on the frame, all representing the most important social factors in our life.  Another detail is the painting itself, which stands for all the ups and downs in our lives.

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You are the Universe.

This summer of 2014 I made a couple of works which together are a mindfull compilation. Integrating paintings as a whole into a 3D art form or installation if you like. My aim with ‘You are the Universe’ is to remind ourselves that we, the inhabitants of this planet and the universe, are connected and we are all a part of this mystical cycle of life. Movement, gravity and the three primary colors are the base and very little  intervention of the artist (me) as possible during the painting process. Just allowing  it to happen.

There are also hidden mindfulness messages to be found by looking inside the paintings Look and Mess. These are inspired by buddhist texts and the common ‘follow your heart’.



Photograph made with Sony digital camera 28mm wide-angle lens. Effect used is the ‘cycaanwit’ filter in and adjusted the grayscale and light myself. February 2015. Old phone on my bedroom floor annex studio.




The idea to write 1 phrase for 1 week on the mirrors in the toilets of the housing association where I work, was born from my experience as a customer care employee.*

For eight hours a day a customer care employee stares at the computer screen, alternated by the screen of smartphones, where the data stream of the social media and internet is tirelessly. I wanted to draw the attention of the employee when looking into an intimate and unexpected “screen” and seeing his or hers mirror image.

The messages, “How are you today”, “Looking great/beautiful”**, “Breath in Breath out”***, “369 Likes”, have the purpose to stand still in that precise moment, which is yours, and reflect.

A word of thanks to C. Zeeberg, manager customer service, for her approval and enthusiasm. Note: for the whole week the writer of the phrases, me, kept anonymous. The last day I informed my colleagues by mail and some shared their appreciation for the taken initiative.

*in total 3 mirrors, 2 ladies-rooms and 1 gentleman’s, as for the ladies on one mirror the message “Looking beautiful!” was written for 4 days. ** “Looking great!” for the gentleman’s and “Looking beautiful” for the ladies.*** unfortunately there is no picture from this phrase. 


  1. Suzanna says:

    Dear Settia,

    I would like to congratulate you with your amazing work. It has such a powerful message of feminism and unity (humanity, nature, the world and the universe).

    Keep on going the great work! I’m proud of you.

    Lots of love,



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