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Late summerstop

As one might have noticed, it has been a bit quiet after my latest painting Fertility.

This is my last painting for now. It was a hectic period: a intense Customer Care job, painting, exhibiting and working on my website/social media. So I decided to paint after my holiday which will start on 12th September until the 23rd.

Then all will start again: work, painting and keeping you all posted, sharing my work.

I decided not to exhibit until perhaps next year, or the year after next year. I found out that the cost and energy put in an exhibition/Art fair does not satisfy me as much as the painting process itself.

The feeling when finally a piece is finished, that connection I feel with Life itself, is irreplaceable.

To share that feeling and the emotion with someone, who perhaps can relate with that moment is just magnificent.

Lately, I learned the truth that although some people do like my work, there are none who would like to invest in my work. So I went into a bit soul-searching and found out that I am happy with that.

If my work can touch some ones heart, mind or even soul, that is a bliss.

That is where I want to put my energy, time and money in: in painting, in trying to get that emotion out there on the canvas. And let’s be honest, that can be a hard, painful journey full with ups and downs and doubts. To be a humanbeing can be hard enough.

So just 4 days and then I am off to Corfu. In the midst of mountains and the sea I will relax and enjoy myself, thankful for the journey so far.

Thank you all for reading and liking my posts!

Love Set

My B-day in August at  home, gorgeous bouquet from my sisters.



Pimp my factory

Inspired and touched by the idea of The Fair Trade Factory, run by Rose Makoyla (from Tanzania) and Fiona Vloet (from The Netherlands),  to build a transparent and fair sewing workshop engaging  the Tanzanian seamstresses, I decided to donate two of my paintings.

I was already familiar with their website:, where eco-friendly and fair fashion goes hand in hand with highly fashionable and colorful Tanzanian wear for women and men.

When I read about this  latest project on I was thrilled by the idea but  what struck me most was the transparency.  There is a list of the products and things (secondhand) they need for the workshop; divided from the absolute necessary  to a bit of luxury (electric kettle). People who donated are mentioned on the website with their donation: sewing materials like; cloths, sewing machines and such, paint for the walls, a coffee machine and services like; writing an article, a cover in a radio-show and by doing so providing fee promotion.

On the list there was also ‘paintings to cheer up the walls’. I thought immediately of  two  of my paintings, with the suitable names: Life is Beautiful and Let’s Begin, which would be perfect on the wall. Happily Fiona and Rose, shared my idea!  I received a nice and personal thank you email with the latest update about the project.

The workshop will be ready the end of July, and my paintings are on the way to Tanzania. I would like to thank The Fair Trade Factory for welcoming my work. I wish them all the best and really looking forward to the result.





My latest project

In my post  I let you know that I started to experiment some of my new ideas. I was inspired by ‘Stephen Hawking’s The story of the Universe’ and this very informative fun to watch animation of Kurzgesagt, Are you alone:

Movement, gravity and colors are the pillars of my project and very little  intervention of the artist (me) as possible during the painting proces.  Just allowing  it happen. Whilst turning the canvas around with one hand I dropped the paint with the other hand. So far 5 acrylic paintings/worlds developed in this way. From these painting I made these 3D objects which let the spectator experience, feel connected and getting aware of Life.

You can see here an impression of the process of some of the paintings.

How it at all began

Getting into the flow