By Settia

Intuitive painting artist

Open house postponed

Dear followers and readers,

Due (mental) health issues I am obliged to postpone my open house set for 23rd of April. ‘Everything comes at the right time’ is used for positive life-events, for keeping up hope and to be persistent but I believe it is also applicable for problems or issues.

The old familiar cause-effect. I am suffering health issues since september last year and I have been trying to cope with them ever since. Holidays, colouring mandala’s, focus on painting, all was like putting a plaster on an open wound. In January after deciding to go for my career as an artist and resign my fulltime job as a customer care service employee I finally could breath and see the end of the tunnel. But instead of stopping on the 4th of March as agreed, I decided to stay longer when my employer asked me to. The main reason was to finance the exhibition “Arte Donna” in Florence in March.

Since then it all went down wards. Exhaustion, not knowing where to be on which department and crying for no reason at work made be call sick since two weeks. Now I am thinking it all over and came to conclusion that I have been to hard for myself. I kept on comparing myself with others who have a fulltime job combined with their work as an artist, forgetting my own limits and health. At my day job, which was under my working level, I wanted to be the best and  prove myself that I could do more. This urge to proof is an old familiar friend of mine, whose visible and invisible tentacles are clinging on my thoughts and mind since I was a young girl. Working at a housing association where most of the renters are from the social lower class with their own social and financial problems, I was exposed to a lot of negativity and aggression on a daily basis. As a result I only was getting negative energy but wasn’t able to get that in balance with positieve energy. I tried to paint to get that positive energy but often couldn’t because of exhaustion. For a long time I thought that I should have painted more, which as an effect made me feel bad about myself as an artist.

For eight months fighting a rather unfair battle against myself trying to cope with these four main factors, finally my body and mind said “Time-Out”. Only wise thing to do now is to rest, rebuild and reenergize and learn. Learning about myself and my capacity and even more, my limits.

Trinity of man
Balance is key. Crayon on paper. 2013.

Vernissage “Arte Donna”

Last Friday, the 4th of March, was the vernissage of “Arte Donna” at Galleria 360. I wasn’t able to be there in person but the galleria shared some photographs on their social media. If you are in or around Florence you can visit “Arte Donna” for yourself until 28 March. Please find opening hours and adres on Galleria360.


Participation Galleria360

I am very pleased to announce three of my paintings will be a part of “Arte Donna”, at the Galleria360 in Florence Italy from 4 March – 28 March.

The art director Angela Fagu and the architect Riccardo Piagentini have selected female artists, from all over the world by signing a outfitting that carries the visitor in a multi-voice narration and of dual significance, intimate and universal. “Arte Donna” is an invitation to the awareness of different worlds and aims to promote a turning point and commencement of an artistic action promoting change and, at the same time, the awareness on the status of women.” — galleria360 about arte donna 2016

Please find further information about location and the vistiting hours on “Arte Donna”

Wrapping up Fertility for shipment.

Hide and seek, 1st painting of 2016.

Nearly six weeks since my new years resolution to quit my job and I am on schedule. I turned my blog into a professional and a pleasure for the eye porfolio including all my projects and poems. Also I updated all my social media and made a Instagram account, settia_art.

After reading all kind of articles about how people quit there job and then have a fantastic and dazzeling life, some even travel the world or building there own thriving business, made me feel like I was doing something wrong. I mean when I made the decision  to go a 100% for my artistic career no matter what, it was pretty bold and it gives me a lot of freedom, not to speak of great trust in myself and Life that all will be alright. But those articles sounded al that romantic, that is why I would like to point out my own situation:

  1. My savingsaccount is as I write under the 500 euro’s.
  2. I don’t have a partner, which basicly means; no safety-net or sharing livingcosts.
  3. I don’t have parents, a heritage from a aunt or even family for that matter.

So it is just me, my dreams, my faith in myself, my intuition. Offcourse my two sisters come to my aid when needed; they believe in me, give me mental support, share the costs for grocceries and the utilities, but they have there own lives with their own dreams. Which means I have to work really hard to persue my happiness and even more, to be persistent. Friends find me couragious for choosing this uncertain life, they don’t really understand why I would give up my job and try to have a income with my work as a artist. But then again, they choose to have a save and stable life filled with responsibilities, like childeren, mortgage, holidays.

My greatest, and perhaps only, responsibility in life is to be happy and to do what I was meant to be doing; creating art.

This weekend, even with a severe cold, I painted my first painting this year, Hide and seek made from acrylic, using hands, paletteknife and brush,  and colorpencils, 70x50cm on canvas, which filled me with total bliss.

Hide and seek
Hide and seek. Acrylic and colorpencil on canvas, 70x50cm. 2016.