I was born in 1977 in Rotterdam where I still live today, sharing a home together with my youngest sister for quite some years now. My two sisters and I have been each others everything for more than 15 years. Our motto is: “Celebrate everything”.

As a kid, I loved drama which lead to my  part in a tv show for kids called ‘Praatpret’. The plan was to go to drama school, however life had other plans for me. After my dad died, I started painting as part of a grief therapy. Painting became my refuge in other traumatic life events, my mother’s  sudden death in 2002, burn out and mental health issues from 2011 on.

In order to learn to listen to my inner creative spark, I participated in two Vedic Art courses. I also found  pleasure in creating and making things, conceptual art forms like writing mindful messages in restrooms as part of an art project, organising an exhibition in honor of my mom and even reciting a couple of my poems during ‘Taaltalentenjacht’ in 2013.






2016 Galleria 360, Florence (solo).

2015  Le Dame Gallery, London.

Art Fairs:

2015: Gallery the Cult House during Fusion London.

2015: Gallery the Cult House during Art Rooms, London.

2014: Global Art Agency during Rotterdam International Art Fair (solo).

Events and commissions:

2016: Cover design thesis D.W. Ramautarsing, BA. Design and execution of the painting “Samen van analoog naar digitaal”, Rotterdam.

2016: “Spiegelbeeld”, handwritten mindful phrases on the toilet mirrors at Woonstad Rotterdam, Rotterdam.

2015: Donation of two paintings to The Fair Trade Factory, Tanzania.

2013: ‘Dreaming of Paradise, the divine depiction of a female tailor’ organisation of the exhibition about the cultural legacy of my mother, Rotterdam.
‘Verzet-je-zinnen’, language talent show central library, Rotterdam.

2012: Cover design thesis Dr. R.A. Ramautarsing, MD, PhD. Design and  execution of the painting of HIV (Help is Vital), Rotterdam.
Donation of two art objects to WWF. Design and execution of two art objects made from waste found on the beach at Vlieland, Eindhoven.


2013 Vedic Art, basic course. Anja Atulya, Delft.

2015 Vedic Art, advanced course. Anja Atulya, Delft.



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