For the first time I worked on such a large canvas, a bit more than 200 cm high and 100cm broad, and I am happy, very happy. This painting was made a couple of weeks ago, during my Vedic Art course. Which is taught by the delightful and spiritual Anja Atulya in Delft.

I just threw the paint on the canvas and rolled it with roller. Still needs to be stretched out on a frame.

Acrylic on canvas, 200*100cm. 2015
Acrylic on canvas, 200*100cm. 2015


  1. kognitions says:

    HI! I live in Sweden, did the first 10 principles about 18 months ago. I found the course very stimulating and was interested to find it reminded me of Mindfulness techniques as well. It’s also great fun isn’t it!


    • Hello, great to hear from fellow vedic art painter! It is indeed great fun and a challenge to overcome some of one’s obstacles on an emotional level. This was my second course and I still use the lessons while painting. Are you planning to finish all of the 17 principles? I can sureley recommend you it. Have a mindful day!


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