An exhibition in honor of my mum Mohwatie Ramautarsing and her divine work. It was emotional, sentimental but above all I experienced a whole new perspective on my mum, who she was, her dreams, her creativity and her qualities. As well as a tailor as a mother.

The most touching thing to her was a remark by her formal (and also mine) physiotherapist, she said: ‘ Mohwatie used to dress her children just beautiful’. The biggest compliment for me because we had just so little money and Mohwatie as a single mum, our mum, was very neat and caring for her children. That is how people remember her by after such a long time: the woman who dressed her children so lovely.

It reflects our mothers love for us and how we were just the most important thing to  her and her life.

We, her three children: Dewika, Reshmie and Settia and God.

Thanks mum

Mohwatie Ramautarsing
Mohwatie Ramautarsing


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