My first time organizing an exhibition and almost two weeks to go! I uploaded an English page of the invitation:

In the gallery you will find some snapshots taken during the first weeks, working at the display, working out the layout and much more. The administrative  and promotion preparations took most of my time and effort but the results are there. The exhibition has received a benefit from Rotterdam City which gave me the possibility to extend my plan to a professional level. Also I worked a lot at the layout of the promotion. Quite an adventure , I never worked with In design and Photoshop before. Last friday a journalist of a local newspaper,, came and interviewed me and took some pictures, a very nice lady who spoke with respect and real curiosity. Thanks also to Marieke Bongaards the culture scout in this region, she helped me out with filling in the application for the benefit and connected me with the right organizations and people (

Consulting my script everything is going by plan, this week I will be searching the right music  for the opening day and delivering them to my friend who will put them together in a playlist, working at the display and ironing the rest of the selected miniatures.

I have to move on so bye for now!


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